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And Nicolae Carpathia certainly does not disappoint as Antichrist. Nicolae Carpathia becomes the focus as he continues to consolidate his power, unifying political states "Global Community" , media "Global Community Network," "Global Weekly" , and religions "Enigma Babylon One World Faith" under a Nicolae-appointed supreme pontiff. Nicolae himself is grand potentate of the global community. Our heroes, pilot Rayford Steele and journalist Buck Williams, along with the rest of the Tribulation Force, continue their struggle to survive and protect their families in the midst of global war and destruction.

They have come to recognize Nicolae Carpathia to be the Antichrist prophesied in the Bible, and to them it comes as no great revelation that this man, who presented himself as a charming and benevolent leader, has been unmasked as a ruthless and cruel tyrant, manipulating people and events to serve his own ends. And his ends are undoubtedly evil. It becomes apparent that the chaos and turmoil created by Nicolae are the fulfillment of John's prophesy of the seven seals as recorded in the book of Revelation. And it becomes also apparent they are now facing the sixth seal, a great earthquake which is sometimes called "the wrath of the lamb.

After this, Amanda flies to New Babylon to join Rayford.

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Verna Zee , Buck's former superior at the Chicago office of the Global Weekly , witnesses Tsion attending the funeral service and threatens to expose both him and Buck, who manages to reason with her not to expose him, though by accidentally getting her to reveal that she is a lesbian. Buck is driving to see Tsion at the hideout where he is when the worldwide earthquake predicted at the funeral begins.

The sun goes dark, the moon turns blood-red, and meteors fall from the sky. A quarter of the world's population dies. Buck finds Tsion alive but trapped in the shelter.

Nicolae (Left Behind Series, Book #3)

As the book ends, only Buck, Tsion, and Rayford are accounted for and safe among the Tribulation Force, though Rayford angrily tells a seemingly indifferent Carpathia that he had just witnessed "the Wrath Of The Lamb ". Loretta and Donny Moore are confirmed dead. Chloe and Amanda are missing. Although most products in the series are referred to without the use of a brand name, a large section of this book is devoted to the Land Rover Range Rover, which is presented as a miraculous do-all vehicle for "under six figures".

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Several characters in the novel repeatedly observe the amazingness of the vehicle's performance and durability, and the Range Rover even survives a major crash with only minor cosmetic damage. None have yet been made but this may change soon as the series is being filmed. Fireproof Drama Fantasy Romance.

Faith Like Potatoes Revelation Action Drama Horror. Come Home II Short Drama. Judgment Drama Sci-Fi Thriller.

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Left Behind: Vanished - Next Generation Adventure Drama. Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm Video Drama Fantasy Thriller. Kirk Cameron Buck Williams Brad Johnson Rayford Steele Jessica Steen Carolyn Miller Gordon Currie Nicolae Carpathia Janaya Stephens Chloe Steele Chelsea Noble Hattie Durham Laura Catalano Amanda White Arnold Pinnock Bruce Barnes Charles Martin Smith Andrews Phillip Jarrett Trent as Phil Jarrett David Macniven Edit Storyline It's been eighteen months since Nicolae Carpathia's rise to power, and has been captivating the whole world, including President Fitzhugh.

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Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Runtime: 95 min. Color: Color.

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Edit Did You Know? Trivia Based on the final fifty pages of the second book in a twelve-volume series , "Tribulation Force", which takes place eighteen months after the signing of the Israel treaty, ushering in the beginning of the seven-year Tribulation period.

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Goofs At , Ray is giving a love speech to Amanda White, and she wipes her tears away, showing a gold ring on her ring finger. Five seconds later, at Ray puts a gold ring on her same finger.