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It makes poetic sense and there are clues in the last few sentences. Thanks for your kind words, John. I plan on rereading the book this year, and will reconsider the end. I read an echo of Huck and Jim in Sut and Jones, perhaps—a faint, distorted, reverberated […]. The passage above is just one minute but shining detail in a baroque masterpiece bristling with such moments.

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R.B. Morris Reads a Passage from "Suttree"

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I need me some strychnine, said Harrogate. You need some what?

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You know what it is dont ye? Yes, said the chemist. I need me about a good cupful I reckon. Are you going to drink it here or take it with you?


Shit fire I aint goin to drink it. No, said Harrogate, craning his neck suspectly. Consider the following passage, which arrives at the end of a drunken, awful spree, Suttree locked up for the night— He closed his eyes. Like this: Like Loading Published by Edwin Turner. Thanks, Colin! Suttree is so great to read and especially so if you have ever lived in Knoxville. Cheers, Kevin Like Like. Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. Hi, Nicholas, Thanks for your kind words about the review. Regards Like Like. Your thoughts? Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

Email required Address never made public. The Market House, where, in McCarthy's words, "brick the color of dried blood rose turreted and cupolated and crazed," burned down in , about a decade after the fictional events of Suttree unfold. Its destruction paved the way for the creation of present-day Market Square, which attracts musicians, local vendors, and tourists year round. If you go down the curving brick path to the left of Cafe 4 on Market Square, you'll see G. Byron Peck's mural of the old Market House. The tour wouldn't be complete without a beer at Suttree's High Gravity Tavern.

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Grab a brew and relax; you've earned it. And don't worry about bar fights, drunken peddlers, or prostitutes: That sort of debauchery has been phased out over the years. Toast to your tour and newfound literary knowledge about Knoxville's history. Craving more McCarthy haunts around Knoxville?

Check out Searching for Suttree. And another thanks to Dr. Morgan for the research and the retro pictures. Another handy tool for your tour: The Google Maps route. Stop 5: Takeout and Turnaround Neyland Boat Ramp This is a little blip of a dock on the north shore, just past the second railway bridge.

Stop 6: The Market House Market Square Wes Morgan The Market House, where, in McCarthy's words, "brick the color of dried blood rose turreted and cupolated and crazed," burned down in , about a decade after the fictional events of Suttree unfold. This is a master at the top of his game. View 2 comments. Jan 29, Anand rated it it was amazing. This big novel is quite interesting. I'd started this very early in or so. I was enchanted by the baroque and luxurious prose describing that grotesque spirit of the old Knoxville.

Then i got a little bored. And put it down. Then came back to it. And was moved again. And remembered why I love Cormac McCarthy so much. And ended up loving the book again. In that I almost forgot about the verbal and structural torrent of Suttree. Compared to the bloody masterpiece that has a more evident design of its own - even with chapter headings and short lists of what happens in each other - Suttree, with an "order" and a progress, has a more fluid one.

The prose in both Suttree and Blood Meridian is extravagant, using the English language's abilities to include verbal and literary echoes from religion, literature, psychology, and nature. But Suttree has a wider view, almost Shakespearean and Dickensian if not quite matching either Shakespeare's gift of deep characterization and personality or Dickens' vividness of caricature that extends to all , accommodating the whole underclass with a special compassion and a humor.

And the sexual presence in Suttree is more evident and put to interesting and grotesque uses, whereas Blood Meridian, in its very masculine and muscular environment, seems to not include sex much, except in hints of rape and violence, violence which is BM's central concern and core. And of course, Cornelius Suttree, perhaps among the most characterized personage in McCarthy's universe, alongside Judge Holden. The kid does have some heroic presence, if Harold Bloom is to be believed, but it must be searched for, and the kid has no interiority and memory. Suttree is funny, shallow, deep, thoughtful, impulsive, and ultimately compassionate.

I love him. Annoyed with him at times. Yet love him. If McCarthy had a single masterpiece, it would possibly be Blood Meridian.

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But as Suttree proves, McCarthy has another masterpiece - similar yet very different at the same time. Feb 11, Edward Goetz rated it it was amazing Shelves: , literature. Loved it, but it is tough to get through. Very dense. I really think this was the book where McCarthy transitioned from a very good writer to a great one.

Not just because this was the last of his Appalachia books, you can also see where the writing changes to the signature style that sets him apart from other writers. The introduction is one example, as are the last 30 or so pages. I finished this on my iPhone at my nephew's high school district finals wrestling tournament Loved it, but it is tough to get through.


I finished this on my iPhone at my nephew's high school district finals wrestling tournament in my defense, it was 6 hours and he only wrestled twice, though won both times. I was immediately reminded of how a great work is interpreted by different people in different ways. I wanted to grab the microphone to see if any English teachers were present so I could hold a small group discussion. Since that was not possible, I read some essays on the book on my phone instead. No spoilers, but I generally disagreed with what I read. The key to my outlook on the book was in the last 30 pages.

More importantly, certain interactions where the definitions of not often used words are critical. It's pure McCarthy in that unique word usage is a signature of his. Suttree was a very satisfying book; one that makes you ready to move straight to its follow-up, Blood Meridian, except this one is not violent at all by McCarthy's standard. There is a certain variety of the species H. You know this man, his not uncommon faults, and his essential sweetness. You may even, like me, love him in some not small way for the incorruptibility of his soul. I first came to McCarthy years ago when he became assigned reading for friends in college.

Plus, his idiosyncratic language—which no one can ape, nor should they try—has more contractions than a woman in the last throes of hard labor. See angelclotted ; butyljawed ; approximately one-thousand other examples. It is work of staggering beauty; a masterpiece by any measure. For that I am thankful. View all 12 comments.